Transportation of alpine gear is expensive and really bureaucratic. Preferably, pack in large North Face soft packs or equivalent.

Plastic barrels are convenient as well. The domestic airlines in Nepal are reluctant to fly the largest of those barrels, so choose the smaller sizes. Buy small padlocks for everything. On its way to BC, the luggage will at times be left unattended.

Pack everything bearing in mind that it will be carried on Yaks. Ketchup will pierce, jam jars will leak, sugar end up in your underwear. Store everything tight and isolated in plastic bunks (tupperware style) if you don't want to forever remember Everest by the smell of various food products.

Potato chips should be Pringles, if not for the taste then for the hard case. All foods and technical gear will also face extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Have your trekking agency to pick up your gear at the Kathmandu airport. Otherwise, you will lose your mind. The place is loaded with staff, their cousins and even more cousins, all more or less just hanging around but somehow all being involved with you.

It's "baksheesh" (tip) here and baksheesh there and still no action! You will be told to file papers and then to redo them all over again. And again.

Leave it to your Trekking agency instead and have them to do the hassle at the airport for you.