The Internet is changing expedition climbing. The first major news story to brake on the Internet was actually during the climbing accidents on Everest in 1996. Today, almost all expeditions have their own website. Join up with some good people at home to set it up and you will have a great site as well as a lot of fun.

If you don't have the time, we can help you to set up a good looking site with pics and all and will run it for you as well. Mail us for those and other services available to climbers by us.

If you have your own site, remember to submit it to us. You will then be exposed to all the huge amount of traffic that this website generates in climbing season. On top of that, you'll be promoted by all the other websites as well. We don't do exclusives, thus allowing you all the traffic of the world wide web. Be very careful before allowing exclusives, or websites taking your content without proper links back to you.

People from around the world will follow your climb (along with Mum and Dad). The site will also be of great value to sponsors, providing a huge market place for their banner ads. To make your site interesting, dispatch e-mails as often as possible and try to send dig pics. Remember that sharing your experience with future climbers and arm-chair warriors is a very generous act on your part. They world will repay you by cheering you on and providing encouragement in your darkest hours.

Photo and Video

Bring a good camera and a tripod. A strong Polaroid filter is essential. Slides will be your best choice if you are planning to publish or give out pictures to sponsors. Both high and low ASA's are useful. Dig camcorders get smaller and smaller. In this environment a mini-DV is good enough even for broadcast. Try to choose a three-chip camera.

A last word

Take care with the electronic stuff. It shouldn't affect your overall safety and concentration on climbing.

It's hard to climb and work a still camera at the same time. Aiming for video as well could affect your possibilities to make the summit and come down in one piece. Finally, don't forget to put down the gear and just enjoy the scenery. That's what you've come for, after all.