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Woolums weathers the storm up high
12:48 p.m. EDT May 4, 2003
The Adventures International Everest team spent last night in Camp III, 6800m, blasted by 80-knot winds.

Climbers on the team described it, "as a freight train inside the tent about to explode, for 12 hours!" A brief weather window allowed them to get out of Camp III and safely descend to Camp II, 6200m. Despite 15 tents being destroyed at Camp III, the AI team's camp held up.

Alan Arnette of the Adventure Consultants team reports that 70 Sherpas attempted to make a trip up to the Col yesterday, and only 9 of them made it. Two of Adv. Intl. Sherpas managed to make a trip to the South Col, 7900m, and four of the Adventure Consultant team's sherpas made it as well.

Image of climbers at 7000 meters in high winds courtesy of Adventures International - Live from today!

Scott Woolums' team have completed their final acclimatization trip this and plan on descending down to Base Camp tomorrow.

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