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  Father and son skiing above Camp II - 4.26mb

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Video of 70 year old Everest pioneer skiing above Camp II, 6450m
0-2:08 a.m. EDT Apr 22, 2003
Yuichiro, Gota, and Muraguchi have completed their second acclimatization trip up to 6700m and spent 2 nights at Camp II, 6450m. They returned to base camp on the 18th and have been resting there since.

Tomorrow, the 23rd, they plan on heading up to Camp III, 7300m, for their final acclimatization trip. They have called in via satellite phone and everyone is doing well - Yuichiro is feeling better than he did on Cho Oyu last year when he was at a similar stage in the expedition and Gota loves the new cook. He is eating a loads again.

Image and video supplied by of our friends at Miura Dolphins Co., Ltd.

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