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May 24, 2004 15: 44 EST
At 8:15 this morning Richard and Angelo soared over Everest at 30,000 feet with their Microlight and Hangglider. Check the picture of climbers at the summit! A larger group is moving up towards the summit from the right.

The weather was picture perfect and the guys took advantage of this morning. No wind and blue sky - a magical Everest day.

The climbers and the pilots waved to eachother!

Basecamp team reports:

"Richard returned safely in the microlight to advance base camp at Syangboche at about 9 am. Angelo was missing for two hours but we have received news that he is safe at Lobuche quite a way up the Khumbu valley and will be recovered by Helicopter tomorrow morning."

Was it good to be on top of the world? "YES!"

A European duo set out to fly over Everest, one guy in a Microlight pulling the other in a hang glider. The pilot of the Microlight is Richard Meredith-Hardy (RMH), from the UK. Sicilian Angelo D’Arrigo is the man in tow; Richard has previously pulled him on other flights. This Everest expedition also involves a study of the migratory route of the Steppe Eagles (Aquila Nealensis). Where the duo is flying is on the line of the bird’s migratory route.

British paraglider John Silvester along with a few others will head over to the Karakorum this upcoming summer of 2004 attempting to soar as high as K2’s summit and as near to it as they can. Silvester is no stranger to Himalayan paragliding - In 1999 he went on a journey through Western Tibet via paraglider along with filmmaker Alan Hughes, taking off and landing in remote villages. John has previous been to Pakistan and soared above the 7000m mark.

Images this morning: Courtesy of Over Everest 2004

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