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The Messner of Asia going for the Poles
0-3:28 a.m. EDT Apr 16, 2003
84 degrees North off Siberia, one of the most experienced climbers in the world, Mr Park and his team, is on a very different challenge - skiing to the North Pole. South Korean adventurer Park Young Seok belongs to the small band of men who has all 14 of the worlds 8000ers under his belt.

After completing the 8000ers he went on to the climb the highest peak on each continent, know n as the Seven Summits. Last out was Mount Vinson, Antarctica where Park planted the South Korean flag on the summit November 25 , 2002.

These two achievements make him one of the leading adventurers in modern history.
Mr. Park still wants more - the next goal is set for another great adventure feat "The Three Poles" consisting of scaling Mount Everest and reaching the North and South Poles of the earth. With Everest already in the bag Park, together with six countrymen is now taking on the North Pole.

The expedition this far

The team set out from Cape Arktichevsky Russia on March 4 for the 950 km long ski trek to the Pole. The last few years the ice in the Arctic region has been deteriorating leaving wide open leads of pitch black 4000 m deep water. This year proved to be no different. After a few days the team came across a wide lead, the decision was to make camp and wait for the lead to freeze over.

That same day they caught up with French adventurer Dominick Arduin who had fallen into the water. Dominick was waiting for rescue chopper and the Koreans decided to take the opportunity to get lifted over the lead, and in fact over the whole area with troublesome ice - about 1 degree in total . Despite the fact that the expedition is no longer unsupported and a clean chase for the three poles is over , Mr. Park and the rest of the team is still toughing it out towards the Pole. The Last Position update places them on 84 N with about 660 km left.

Expedition members:
Park Young Seok, Kang Chul Won, Joeng Yong Kwon, Lee Hyun Jo, Kim Eun Kwang, Oh Hui Jun, Choi Bo Shik

Image credits to www.parksgrandslam.com

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