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Nepal's economy gets a boost
0-3:35 a.m. EDT Apr 18, 2003
The country of Nepal has had it rough the past several years. Troubles with Maoists arouse in the middle to late 90's and then in 2001 the King's son shot the royal family, which made the country very unstable.

Months later another crucial blow was struck with 9/11. Its aftermath had a very averse effect to the tourism industry. To make matters worse, those tourists that did visit had to deal with the Maoists and their "donations," at gun point. Reports would come back from expeditions how that had to pay out to rebels for safe passage.

In January a cease fire was called and since then the economy of the country has shown and upturn. There is a rise in consumer confidence and an increase in imports. The Real estate business is also improving too.

With this recent upturn, there is much hope that the current peace talks between the government and the Maoists are successful and there is resolve.

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