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Nepal issues New Rules for mountaineering records
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May 18, 2005 18: 58 EST
Previously published May 9, 2005 14: 45 EST

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, HMG/Nepal has issued the following Procedures for mountaineers aiming to make mountaineering records:

Procedures for Setting Mountaineering Records (2005).

As per the decision of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, HMG/Nepal, this list of Procedures is made for mountaineers (Nepali or foreign), aiming to make records. They are required to follow the following procedures in order to make mountaineering records systematic.


1. The mountaineers aiming to make mountaineering records have to inform in writing along with their future plan to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation at the time of Briefing Session to be done in connection with issuing Expedition Permit and get approval of it before starting the climbing activities.

2. The mountaineers have to make plan to scale mountains in co-ordination with expedition team leader or members and other high altitude workers.

3. The mountaineers are required to submit substantial evidence like the pictures of important spots clearly specifying the date and time and have to inform liaison officer at the Base Camp concerning their achievements via satellite phones.

4. The mountaineers are required to show their climbing equipment and things to be kept at the summit as a sign of reaching there to liaison officers, team members, high altitude workers and a representative of institutions related to mountaineering prior to their ascent.

5. A written document is to be made of all equipment carrying with them by showing it to liaison officer prior to their ascent.

6. The mountaineers are to take photos of any climber they meet on the summit/mountains and get written proof from the latter.

7. On reaching the summit, the mountaineers are to take pictures from all four directions as evidence of their having scaled the peak and submit to the Ministry.

8. The mountaineers are to take pictures as well as video movies of important spots clearly specifying the date and time while climbing up, if possible.

9. If possible, the mountaineers are required to carry altimeters and Global Position Systems (GPS) and inform Tourism Ministry officials about the spots they have reached including the altitude while contacting Base Camp.

10. A detail report containing all activities done and seen, eyewitnesses, pictures taken at the summit, weather situation, etc. is to submit to liaison officers at Base Camp.

11. The Ministry will only announce the mountaineers' achievements after verifying the claims and evidence.

Image of a climber making his mark in Karakorum, ExplorersWeb.
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