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MountEverest.net ranked number one in the world
15:36 p.m. EDT May 8, 2003
You might have noticed that some of the sites within the ExplorersWeb family have changed layout (the others will follow soon). The reason is that our former structure with I-frames have clashed with the Internet rules - we have been out of search engines, our links haven't been fully accounted for and our traffic didn't count properly. Since the change about a week ago, amazing results have surfaced and our reach rank has climbed incomparably throughout the week. Our current traffic rank today is 44,000 in the world (Alexa traffic rank). Our colleagues Outside Online, Mountainzone, Climbing magazine and EverestNews rank 123.000, 44.000, 58.000 and 93.000 respectively.

The interesting part is that the ExplorersWeb sub-sites still don't count in the rank number, which they do for our competition. With those taken into account, this adventure portal is even bigger (thePoles alone ranks 92,000). Google has yet to do their big “crawl” since our reconstruction. In that, the links to ExplorersWeb from Associated Press, CNN, and other large media will show and hopefully get us higher on the search engines themselves. While we wait for that, it seems that you guys find us on your own. Thanks for that. It really makes the work of our small team worthwhile.

Picture MountEverest.net: The MountainGhost

In certain conditions, a mountain like Everest starts to project itself in the sky. A giant, spooky shadow of the mountain rises above it. Climbers call it the mountain ghost. One is rock; the other is a mirage. One is reality and the other a dream. But both are real.

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