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Live 2003 Video from Everest summit
15:08 p.m. EDT May 23, 2003
Check out this cool video transmitted live from the summit of Everest early yesterday morning (Nepal time). The reports of the Chinese broadcast in the same time period have not been able to confirm yet whether their telecast was of a picture or actual video. If it was a picture only, then this is the first live video to be broadcasted from the summit to television since 1988.

In any case, it is the first broadcast from the Everest South Side, which is technically more challenging due to a topographical radio shadow (there is no line of sight from the summit to base camp). It is also the first live summit broadcast Everest-Europe. Earlier broadcasts were Everest-Asia. Tonight we might also see the first summit broadcast Everest-USA, if all goes to plan with Global Extremes.

Here are the facts about last night's broadcast:

- Catalan mountain climber Serge Mingote reached the peak at 08:29 AM/12.30 PM.
- The connection between TV3 and Mingote while on the summit lasted 8 minutes
- This transmission has made TV3 of Catalonia the first television in the world to broadcast from the radio shadow of Everest’s South Face.

The network broadcasted live in Spain shots from Hillary Step and the summit. TV3 was producing a special show called, "The Summit Night" with a TV studio located in base camp, live interviews, and coverage of the ascent. The show started the day before yesterday late in the evening and ran through yesterday midday. Climbing and broadcasting was difficult because of the weather conditions (fog and wind), and due the fact that there's no live vision from the summit to base camp. Sergi Mingote has now summited Everest twice: 2001 from North Side and just now from the South Side.

The connection allowed Catalan viewers to look on as Catalan mountain climber Sergi Mingote achieved this amazing feat despite the heavy snow. Sergi Mingote and his Sherpa companions Nima and Thilen are members of the “Everest50” expedition, one of two Catalan expeditions to the Himalayas commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first men to ever set foot on the top of Everest, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

The video clip show sections of the broadcast; the ascent and the summit. TV3 Television of Catalonia was celebrating their 20th anniversary and upon reaching the summit, Sergi showed the flag, Gnima Dorje Sherpa was holding the antenna looking at Pumori base camp and Thilen Sherpa was the cameraman. If you check the picture closely, you'll actually see the camera being reflected in the climbers ski goggles. The producer and the team are still in base camp, next to Khumbu icefall (on the top right side) from where they send us the clip.

Image and video courtesy of Spanish TV3

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