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In or out?
7.20 p.m. EDT May 6, 2003
This morning the MountEverest.net daily wrap-up reported a climber from the Toyota Global Extremes team had decided to give up his summit attempt. On the official Global Extreme's website this morning it was stated that after the journey to Camp II, 7800m, Troy Henkels did not feel he had the “power” to go for a summit bid and opted out. He would, however, stick around to help out with the film crew.

Later on this afternoon though, all mention of Troy abandoning the climb was removed and instead an audio dispatch from Chris Warner was posted seeking to dispel rumors out there on the Internet about the storm’s effect on the team. This morning’s dispatch was foreshadowed on May 2nd, when the, “Generations Everest,” website reported a climber from the Global Extreme’s show might drop out.

So what is it guys? Is he in or is he out, and why edit a previous dispatch? Isn’t that against the whole premise of a “reality” show?

Toyota’s Global Extreme’s North Side Everest expedition is one of the largest on Everest this year. 50 contestants started competing with and against one another last autumn for one of the 5 coveted spots on this spring’s Everest expedition. Competitions testing their teamwork, strength, and endurance were held all around the world and aired on the Outdoor Life Network. None of the contestants who participated were professional climbers and most had never worn crampons before. A whole production crew is on site. They are filming the climb and planning to broadcast live from the mountain this month including a live broadcast of their summit bid.

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