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Himalayan damage report
13:24 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
First round of reports from the Himalaya indicated many tents have been crushed, ripped, or blown away. There have been no weather related injuries reported. This weekend’s high winds are expected to subside on Tuesday, but the worst of it should be over.

Everest South:

Camp III, 7300m – At least 15 tents destroyed
Camp II, 6800m – One team has reported their mess tent was crushed.
Camp I, 6000m – At least two-dozen tents destroyed
Base Camp – High Winds, however, no one has reported a lost tent.

Everest North:

North Col, 7000m and above – Climbers returning from the Col did not give a number but have said that many tents did not survive.
Advanced Base Camp, 6400m - One team has lost several tents
Base Camp, 5100m – Several climbers and sherpas were seen chasing after their tents as they tumbled down the Rongbuk glacier spewing their contents about.


From one team’s report: Two tents in base camp, including the mess tent were destroyed. One tent in Camp I destroyed. Status of tents at Camp II and Camp III is not yet known.

Teams are anxious for the poor weather to end so they can climb up higher and reevaluate their current tent situation. As the winds are expected through tomorrow, the full extent of the damage may not be known until a day or two.


JC Lafaille reports tents in base camp were destroyed, but the smaller more 'modern' tents survived.

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