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Has the climbing bug hit you?
16:18 p.m. EDT May 11, 2003
Getting the climbing bug from following all the Everest expeditions this season? Why not try one of the easier 7 summit mountains – Kilimanjaro! Even if the height doesn’t beat Everest, the nearby wild safaris, diving, and endless outdoor opportunities will.

These pictures are from a South African’s recent ascent of Kilimanjaro 5875m. The mountain is the largest volcano on the African continent, however it has had no eruptions that were documented by man.

If you do decide to go there, go quick as its glaciers are rapidly melting. 82% of it has disappeared since it was first surveyed back in 1912. The summit can be reached via a walking or “scrambling” route. Having technical experience is not necessary, however, at 5875m there is a very serious risk of altitude sickness.

Pictures courtesy of Eugene Owen.

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