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Everest map with gobs of route info and historical data
0-5:07 a.m. EDT May 12, 2003
Everest is a big mountain with more landmarks and famous spots than Paris! - Four high camps on the South Side, the Ice Fall, the Western Cwm, the Balcony, the Hillary Step, the First Step, Base Camp, Advanced Base Camp, the Death Zone, etc. . .

If you think the "Yellow Band" is something in your toilet, then this Everest map for you. Overlaid on top of a large, full-color photograph of Everest, are its many different routes, descriptions, who climbed them, etc.

In addition, famous spots like the Hillary step, Yellow Band, and Balcony are all labeled – so when another crazy climber tries to illegally scale the Lho La pass and cross over to Tibet from Nepal with one ice axe and no ropes, you’ll be able to see just how nuts he really was!

90cm x 64 cm (35.5'' x 24.5'')

US $ 18.95

Shipping & Handling US $ 7.00
Allow 6-14 days for delivery.

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