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Everest Web TV
09:52 a.m. EDT May 18, 2003
It is an extraordinary year on Everest. Not only the winds and the number of climbers, but also the technology that has been feeding armchair warriors with a near-live experience of the climb like never before. The end game will be no less awe inspiring. Check out the new Web TV with fresh videos from Everest 2003. There are more to come and more in the planning: This year's summit pushes will be accompanied by videos of the summit route and hopefully live voice dispatches from teams standing on the summit.

And finally, on May 29th, don't forget to visit us for our very special celebration of the mountain we all love. ExplorersWeb will open our vaults to honor a significant occasion in Everest history. Historic Everest footage much sought after by large media but never released will be shown for the first time. It will be our tribute to the mountain that once allowed us to reach a great dream and to the sherpas that made it possible for Hillary and the rest of us.

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