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100's of tents destroyed
7:10 p.m. EDT May 6, 2003
More reports are coming in of widespread devastation in camps at all altitudes - from the high camps to base camps. There have been no reports of any personal injury, however, 100’s of tents throughout the Himalayas were destroyed by this past weekend's epic storm. On Everest’s South Side alone almost 80 tents have been destroyed or blown away, and this figure does not even include the damage sustained at Camp IV, 7900m. The decimation and loss of equipment will delay, and has already halted some climbers completely. The smaller teams and those who did not bring reserve equipment will be especially affected.

Damage report:

Everest South:
Camp IV, 7900m – Unknown
Camp III, 7300m – At least 15 tents destroyed (from initial reports)
Camp II, 6800m – 27 tents destroyed (updated)
Camp I, 6000m – 34 tents destroyed (updated)
Base Camp – High Winds, however, no one has reported a lost tent.

Everest North:
North Col, 7000m and above – Climbers returning from the Col did not give a number but have said that many tents did not survive.
Advanced Base Camp, 6400m – Scattered reports of destroyed or blown away tents spewing their contents everywhere or crashing into nearby tents and tearing holes in them.
Base Camp, 5100m – Widespread tent loss from many teams, Japanese, American, International, etc. . The Chinese and Korean teams’ tents, which sat high up on a moraine were leveled. Tents were seen flying high up in the air and many Communication and kitchen tents were blown away.


From one team’s report: Two tents in base camp, including the mess tent were destroyed. One tent in Camp I destroyed. Status of tents at Camp II and Camp III is not yet known.


JC Lafaille reports tents in base camp were destroyed, but the smaller more 'modern' tents survived. The Swedish team lost several tents in base camp, but are not sure how their tents up high fared. Most climbers in a Chilean expedition have called it quits after the winds blew away their tents along with all the equipment they had stashed away inside them.

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