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"We will go back to being the usual selfish bastards"
16:35 p.m. EST Oct 27, 2003
“For two months we have lived like real men, courageous, loyal, in fraternity, solidly and idealistically, it was worth it.....! Only one certainty remains, from tomorrow we will go back to being the usual selfish bastards who fool friends and play with other’s emotions, because only the Mountain succeeds in performing miracles.”

So writes Abele Blanc as he and the Annapurna 2003 expedition leave for home. But anyone who has followed this expedition through Abele’s heartfelt daily dispatches, would hardly believe those words.

Abele forfeited his own attempt and kept vigil in Camp 2. Having slept only one night at 6,000m, he decided it was too little on which to make the summit. “The decision was taken with infinite sadness, another two months of my life spent on this beautiful but cruel mountain.” But it’s the stretch between Camps 2 and 3 that was the most difficult and dangerous, loaded with ice and rockfall.

He watched in anguish as his team mates continued to ascend toward Camp 3 on the 8,091m peak. All he could think of was their loved ones back home… “all the ifs and buts of life rained down around me compelling me to shed bitter tears of compassion, all my certainties were just rubbish in front of the possible loss of a beloved friend and the pain I would have brought to their loved ones.”

But all ended well. The team left Base Camp for Kathmandu and are now on their way home, where Abele will write in with a post-expedition report.

Italian climbers Abele Blanc and Christian Kuntner are out to scale the world's fourteen 8000m peaks. To date, Abele has succeeded in climbing 13, and Christian, 12. Annapurna will complete the quest for Abele.

Image of Annapurna 2003 expedition courtesy of blancabele.com.

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