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Weekend quick update from Everest
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May 9, 2004 19: 28 EST

The wind is howling on Everest. "Our weather reports are so correct it's scary" said ExWeb's correspondent on the North side. "The climbers almost put too much trust in them now." Well it took us and the met's quite a few years of restless nights to get to this.

Most climbers seem to have descended this weekend, including the leading teams. The Dutch paragliders last planned to go down from C3 to ABC and the Mexican/Canadian team will head down to the valley for some R&R.

Today, May 9, is also the anniversary of the 1996 Everest tragedy, made famous in Krakauers book "Into thin air". The Imax team, are back this year to help film a movie about the tragedy. Also currently on the mountain are Scott Fishers former outfit "Mountain Madness" and Rob Halls former outfit "Adventure Consultants". Both expedition leaders perished on Everest that year and remain on the mountain.

Image of Everest South Camp 2 May 9, 1996. ExplorersWeb files.
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