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'Weather reports saved more than a few lives'
16:15 p.m. EDT May 13, 2003
Robert Anderson of the Jagged Globe team reports in the latest dispatch that, “even our skeptical Sherpa Manager tells me he thinks the weather report has saved more than a few lives from blowing off the heights of the mountain.” He is referring to the storm that ravaged Everest two weekends ago, destroying many tents, but not taking any lives.

ExplorersWeb sent out an AdventureWeather severe weather alert days before the big storm and the extremely high winds hit both the low and high camps of Everest.

Right now there is very unstable weather over Everest. The big question is when will the weather give and how early or late the monsoon is going to come over Nepal this season? Teams continue look at the current conditions on the mountain, constantly scan the latest weather reports, make focused judgments from their experience, and keep their finger’s crossed – will tomorrow be the day?

Look out for a big ExplorersWeb AdventureWeather summary and monsoon analysis to be posted in a few hours.

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