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Weather for all in Everest BC
09:59 a.m. EDT Apr 28, 2003
The quest to make weather forecasts available to all Everest climbers takes a giant step forward. ExplorersWeb's Everest weather forecasts are now available for all to see right at the Everest Base Camp Internet Cafe on the South Side. On a daily basis the forecasts are posted at the entrance to the tent.

This is the seventh Everest season ExplorersWeb has been providing free weather forecasts to climbers in the Himalayas and Karakorum via email. Last week the service took a step forward when the forecasts started to be delivered via extended SMS text messaging direct to climbers' sat phones.

It is required that teams with satphones and laptops share the forecasts with teams that don't, however, with the Internet Cafe now posting the reports, it is even easier for teams without the tech to get the latest report.

The Cafe guys are going to have to improvise or get a bigger board, because starting next week ExplorersWeb will start sending out forecasts from second US based source to backup the current European reports.

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