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Waiting patiently up on high
11:34 a.m. EDT May 15, 2003
Team Miura is in Camp II, 6450m, for the third day. The winds there are not very high, but the crew reports in that it is still blowing hard above Camp III. Expedition member, Yuichiro Miura, is attempting to be the eldest Everest ascender this spring, at 70 years old.

Their summit plans have changed, and below is their new tentative schedule.

May 15 – Camp II, 6450m
May 16 – Camp III, 7300m
May 17 – Camp IV, 7984m
May 18 – Camp V, 8450m
May 19 – Summit!

This team is utilizing a Camp V, just above the Balcony. This was Hillary and Norgay’s last camp before they summited 50 years ago, however, it is not very common now-a-days to use it. Instead the final summit push is usually done from, Camp IV, the South Col, 7900m, directly.

The team of three has spent their time in Camp II, writing, walking, and skiing.

Yuichiro Miura became famous 33 years ago as, “The man who skied down Everest.” Aided with a parachute, Yuichiro ripped down the Lhotse Face on skis – this time, the Everest pioneer is going for the summit along side his son, Gota.

The team's website is one of the coolest this year, with position maps and biometric data on the climbers - very innovative.

Picture courtesy of our friends at Miura Dolphins Co., Ltd.

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