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Waiting for the O2's
0-6:31 a.m. EDT Apr 23, 2003
Alexander Abramov reports from Everest's North Side:

"April, 22. Early in the morning Chinese 4-wheeled car came and took Misha Litinskiy to Nepal. But this night Mikhail will spend near Chinese-Nepal border in Zhangmu.

The rest members of our expedition decided to arrange sauna (shower). Under the leadership of our doctor Sergei Larin we built a sauna-tent. But all of a sudden it started snowing, then the sun came out, then snowing again - and it repeated about 40 times. So only three of us -Larin, Kaimachnikov and Gudzhabidze - managed to wash themselves.

The rest of us preferred to wait till it gets warmer and stay dirty. You know, up to 2 cm - is not yet dirt, and more than 2cm will peel off. Tibetan people don't wash and comb themselves at all.

To crown it all, because of temperature drops the moraine where our tents are is collapsing, the stones fall each time closer to BC. And eagles drop stones time from time. So we'll have to move our sauna tent. This washing at 5100m is one big problem.
Our rest time is coming to an end. On April 24 we are planning to head to ABC, then Camp I (7000m), Camp II (7500m), and may be Camp III (7900m), and after that get down. We hope to be through with all this by May 1. This done, the success of our expedition will be almost ensured.

The only problem is that our oxygen bottles haven't arrived yet, they promise to bring them tomorrow - April 23. We'll see.

We were informed that Viktor Kozlov had arrived in Katmandu and gradually moving in our direction. His expedition is a reconnaissance to the Everest North Face. That's all for now. Good-bye."

Picture courtesy of Russian Adventure team

Dispatch translated from Russian and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru

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