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Vertical Limit party on Everest North side - with a touch of vodka
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May 5, 2005 06: 58 EST
Wild like an episode of Deadwood, it's not all gloom and death on Everest. To end our day a bit on the bright side, we've brought in Abramov. As we mentioned earlier, there was a big party on Everest North side yesterday. And who'd be a better commentator than Alex? Here's his report - straight from the Everest bash.

Theme: Vertical Limit party
Stage: Everest north side BC
Event planner: Russell Brice
Reporting on the spot: Alexander Abramov

The party was very useful. First, all got to know each other, second, all got drunk.

"Today Russell Brice organized a grandiose party. It was under the open Himalayan sky, at the altitude of 5100 meters, in base camp. All members of expeditions (about 100 people) who were in camp gathered for the
celebratory evening. It was very useful. First, all have got acquainted, second, all have got drunk."
Italian red wine and Russian vodka in unlimited quantities, women in limited numbers

"The Italians treated us to red wine, in unlimited quantity. As a payback - Andrey Selivanov, the doctor of the expedition, and myself decided to treat all gathered with Russian vodka and sauerkraut. The entertainment was a big success. Even women were on the party. Although in a small amount, they are present at base camp. The female Indian expedition also came in full complement."

"Although our dialogue with the girls from the other expeditions seemed a bit unwanted by other climbers, the event was first-class, very similar to the scene from the big BC party on K2 in the movie 'Vertical Limit'."

Back to business

"Weather forecasts warns of very high summit winds coming up, so I recommended our "Uncle Kolya" (Nikolay Cherny), who is in АВС, to ask the Sherpas to work hard now. Around May 7-8, the entire team will descend from АВС for a rest - we shall go down low, lower even than Xegar. Dina Moskalev, Ivan Dusharin, Jury Tajdakov, Igor Pohvalin and Dima Tsokur left base camp for Xegar today."

Previous party in 1997

"May 14-16 we'll return to ABC, and prepare for a summit push. We plan a summit attempt around May 21-23 - though all this will depend on the weather."

"But the main event of the day, was of course, the party arranged by Russell Brice, turning out such a grandiose success. Russell said, that last time such a big party was arranged in base camp was in 1997."

Alexander Abramov has made quite a name for himself here at ExplorersWeb. Only this season, he has been bombed by the Maoist's, and is currently climbing Everest with shrapnel in his body. Alex was the one to drive a Land Rover to the top of Elbrus and crashed it coming down, he was the one who slaughtered his own BC food on Everest two years back, and finally the expedition leader of our team mate's climb to the summit of Mount Everest this past spring.

This year, Alex joined hands with Harry Kikstra of 7summits.com, forming the 7summits-club.

Harry and extra guide Nickolay Cherny are leading Lynne Stark, Hanna Noel Richmond, Nate Schneider, and Lorenzo Gariano. Nikolay Cherni has 6, 8000ers and was a co-leader of the Russian Central North wall expedition last year. Lynne Stark will attempt to be the first woman from Northern Ireland to climb Everest.

Alexander Abramov guides the rest with extra guide Ivan Dus. The entire expedition offers a full service outfit with 11 climbing Sherpas (all Everest summiteers), and an expedition Doc. There are 18 expedition members in total.

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