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  1991 Swedish Expedition climbing Everest's North Face (3 MB)

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VIDEO of Everest Direct Route: Japanese/Hornbein Couloir
12:56 p.m. EDT Sep 2, 2003
In 1991, Sweden sent a well-supported national expedition of its most experienced climbers to Mount Everest for an attempt on the mountain’s most direct route: the Japanese Couloir – Hornbein Couloir. Up until then, only four climbers had ever made the summit via these steep, avalanche-prone couloirs. That year, the Swedish expedition’s Lars Cronlund, Mingma Norbu Sherpa and Gyalbu Sherpa also succeeded in climbing the route to the Everest summit.

The expedition was accompanied by Peter Degerfeldt and Göran Widenby of the Blue Sky “Picture Impossible” film company. The pair documented the climb in “Everest the Hard Way.” In the video clip, taken from Blue Sky’s documentary, we see amazing footage of the dangers in the Japanese Couloir and have a better understanding of why only seven have ever made it to the summit by this route (one of the seven died on descent.)

Blue Sky’s fifteen years of capturing adventure on film include numerous documentaries and dramatic film footage. Utilizing special camera equipment that works in extreme conditions, low temperatures, G-forces and remote places, the film crew used helmet mounted film cameras to capture the biggest skydiving formation ever as 297 skydivers came together in the sky. Blue Sky also shot an incredible documentary about a parachute designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1485 and was developed, produced and tested over 500 year later. Check out their Web site for more dramatic clips of these adventures.

Video clip courtesy of Blue Sky “Picture Impossible”

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