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Torres del Paine fire and fatality update
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Mar 3, 2005 10: 04 EST
Last week a local source alerted ExWeb that "Torres del Paine" National Park in Chile had caught fire. In addition there was a report on the local radio of a deadly accident involving a US climber on the central tower.

The fire was started when a Czech camper's stove turned over, and burned more than 14,000 acres (5,500 hectares) in four days.

The fatality involved Veterinarian Henry E. Everding III, 42, who died Feb 19 due to a rock fall.

Local sources told ExWeb that National Park officials initially had a hard time reaching Henry due to smoke in the area related to the fires, but that the body has now been recovered.

According to Denver Post, the rocks fell as Everding and his longtime climbing partner, Clifford Leight, ascended a couloir near Puerto Natales in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Leight was not injured.

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