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The new face of adventure launched
11:33 a.m. EDT May 15, 2003
MountEverest.net and ThePoles.com are not the only two websites in the adventure community to have a face lift this month. Several others have launched their new sites too - Jagged Globe Moutaineering, Adventure Consultants (Mountain Guiding), and Adventure Network International, (Antarctic Airlines).

All three sites include a, “Latest News,” section that has the latest on the company’s expeditions. As it’s Everest season, the Jagged Globe and Adventure Consultants’ website both have current reports from their Everest teams.

It’s the Antarctic off-season right now, so ANI will be doing their reports once the planes start flying into Patriot Hills, Antarctica this autumn. On the site you can still check out reports from this past fall's Antarctic action.

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