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The clock has started ticking
17:51 p.m. EDT May 1, 2003
The Northern Irish North side expedition has started to plan for their summit bid, which they are hoping will be in two weeks time - weather dependent. When the weather does clear, the team will head up to Camp II, 7900m, and then descend to BC for respite. After some rest and eats they will make a summit push.

However, in their latest dispatch the team plans on making their last acclimatization trip to Camp II this Monday. According to both of ExplorersWeb's weather sources, the very high winds expected this weekend are forecasted to last through Monday abating by Wednesday with the arrival of a weak high pressure system. This could delay the team's tentative plans.

The North Ridge Irish expedition has four climbers that will be going for the summit: Richard Dougan, Terrence Bannon, David Sharp, and Jamie McGuiness. Two members of the expedition, Stephen Synott and Martin Duggan left the climb early because of HACE. Stephen Synott’s HACE relapsed on him upon returning to Ireland. He was admitted to an Irish hospital and has since recovered.

Image courtesy of NIEverest.com

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