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Everest 2004: "The Dream of Everest"
12:01 p.m. EDT Oct 5, 2003
Kevin Donovan is a 47-year old computer systems administrator from Dallas, Texas with the dream of climbing Mount Everest driving him to the peak next spring. Im just an ordinary guy, he insists. So how does an ordinary guy even begin to make the dream of Everest come true? In this second or our two-part story, Kevin discusses the logistics and training hes started for the climb.

The next two big considerations for Kevin were finding a way to the mountain and training. Kevin said he decided to climb from the north side because, Cost is a big consideration. This is primarily a self-funded expedition and I am not a wealthy individual. I had vacillated between the North and South routes but I found that in modern times there was little statistical difference between the success of either route. Hes joining the Adventure Peaks expedition which will include about nine independent climbers. There will be Sherpa support, but Kevin said its going to be a non-guided expedition. They plan to follow the route of Mallory and Irvines expedition along much of route veering onto modern North Ridge route higher on the mountain.

How does one train to climb the highest mountain in the world while? Kevin tries to get out on the nearest peaks whenever possible. But living in Dallas, he spends a lot more time in the gym right now. I began training in January of 2003. And I have an extensive 28 week training program to maximize my fitness prior to departure. I train 4 days a week in the gym with various abdominal and weight routines. I typically ride a road bike between 150k to 225k on the weekend for aerobic and endurance fitness. I also train on a Stairmaster and an elevated treadmill with a 25 kilo pack on two to three days a week with times varying from 45 to 90 minutes. I have a series of 6 to 8 hour endurance hikes planed for the winter. The schedule is set up on a 13 days on and 1 day off rotation with days varied from easy to hard.

Kevin will travel to Wales in December for a pre-expedition meet and greet and some climbing with other team members. For him, Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have been on a absolutely incredible journey, when it started I did not know it would lead me to Everest. The people I have met and the experiences I have had along the way have been incredible. I had the good fortune to have Legendary Himalayan Climber Nawang Gombu Sherpa as my first mountaineering instructor, an auspicious beginning. And every climb, every expedition has concluded with thoughts of another.

Kevin Donovan is climbing the north route of Everest next spring. Hell be joining the Adventure Peaks (UK) expedition under the leadership of Dave Pritt. Adventure Peaks was also on Everest in spring 2003.

Image of Kevin Donovan courtesy of Kevin Donovan.

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