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The Cyber Climbers, Britton Keeshan, Lakpa Rita - Alpine Ascents SUMMIT
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May 24, 2004 02: 06 EST
The Grandson of "Captain Kangaroo" has become the youngest Seven Summits climber. Vernon Tejas, has done the Seven Summits three times and is on his fourth round! And Lakpa Rita Sherpa, who was the world's first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson at Antarctica, is now a six time Everest summiteer... They are on the summit, and they have the mountain all to them selves, except for perhaps some climbers coming up from the North side! Here's their report:

"SUMMIT! We have just been notified that all members (except Jim Williams, who turned around last night) of the 2004 AAI Everest Expedition have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. The first ones arrived at the top at about 9:00 am. Nepal time, with the last ones coming in about 45 minutes later. Well done, team!

Congratulations go to guides Vernon Tejas, Dave Morton and Jim Williams, and to members Mills Davis, Justin Adams, Haruisha Watanabe, Scott Graham, Jeff Dossett, Holt Hunter, and Britton Keeshan.

Special recognition also goes to our hard working team of sherpas: Lakpa Rita, our amazing sirdar, and his assistant sirdar and brother, Kami Rita (Thapkee). Our summit team of sherpas also included Mingma Tshering, Passang Sona, Tsherri, Tshering Dorjee, Pemba Renjee, and Mingma Dorjee (congratulations to Dorjee for his first time to the summit). Thanks also goes to our sherpa support team of Zhang Bu, Natemba, Gelek, Pemba Nuru, Nema, Furba Tenzing, Passang Rita, Fura Cancha, and Mingma Rita. It takes teamwork do do a job like this, and these guys are the best.

We will now be monitoring the team as they begin their descent back to the South Col, and I will try to report periodically on their progress. We're looking forward to seeing them all safe and sound back at camp 4 - and I'm sure they'll be glad to be there.

Way to go, team! Ellie" (Everest South Base Camp)

Alpine Ascents are using Contact 2.0 for their dispatches and that makes their story pretty unique. While other teams have to wait until they return to BC before they can send out their story and images to their webmasters, these guys are live from high camps.

Alpine Ascents have a guided climb up Everest’s South Col route with one of America’s leading expedition outfits. There are 8 climbers on the team, which includes 22-year old Britton Keeshan (USA, CT), who became the youngest person to achieve the Seven Summits. Britton is the Grandson of "Captain Kangaroo." Vernon Tejas, has done the Seven Summits three times! And Lakpa Rita Sherpa was the world's first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson at Antarctica, and is now a six time Everest summiteer...

Image of Everest and Britton, 22, the youngest Seven Summit climber, and "Captain Kangaroo" Grandson.

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