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Tents destroyed on Manaslu
13:55 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
Piotr and his team have lost some tents on Manaslu. On Saturday climbers started on an attempt to set Camp IV, but high winds turned them around and they safely made their way to Base Camp. The team lost two tents in Base Camp and one in Camp I. When the weather lets up they will climb up to assess the damage and make repairs.

Piotr's dispatch:
"On the 3rd of May: Jozef Gozdzik, Krzysztof Tarasewicz, Gia Tortladze and Mamulu Tsikhiseli went out, aiming to set Camp IV. Unfortunately they failed, as the weather (breakdown) forced them to return to Base Camp from Camp I.

The following 24 hours were really nerve-racking. A snowstorm broke out, and some tents couldn’t resist the heavy wind. The mess and doctor’s tent were destroyed; fortunately the doctor is safe and sound. However, one of tents in Camp I was also destroyed, we don’t know what the situation in camps II and III is like.

Yesterday, 4th of May, we started to clean up Base Camp. Since 4 a.m. all members of the expedition have been fighting with a one-meter layer of fresh snow. The heavy snowfall forced us to change the tactic temporarily. As soon as the weather lets us, the team will move up to rebuild Camp I and check the situation in Camps II and III.

Piotr Pustelnik"

Image of tents at Camp I courtesy of Klub Zdobywców (one of those is now gone)

Dispatch translated and forwarded by Wojtek Jemioło

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