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Team Miura ready to launch summit bid
08:56 a.m. EDT May 12, 2003
The summit team of Japanese Miura Everest 2003 Yuichiro, Gota and Muraguchi has been down in Dingboche for five days to recover and get ready for their summit push. Since May 5 all three are back in BC and the schedule for the final attack against the summit is now ready.

Summit push schedule

May 11 C1 6050m
May 12 C2 6450m
May 13 C2 6450m
May 14 C3 7300m
May 15 C4 7984m
May 16 C5 8450m
May 17 Summit attempt
May 18 C4 7984m
May 19 C2 6450m
May 20 Back to Base Camp

70 tear old Yuichiro Miura is one of three climbers this season trying to set an age record on summiting Everest.

This is not Yuichiro's first time on Everest 33 years ago he became, "The man who skied down Everest." At a little above 8000 meters he donned a parachute and started down the steep and notoriously icy slope of the South Col.

Picture courtesy of Miura Everest 2003

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