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Team Miura at Camp V, just below the Balcony, 8400m
09:44 a.m. EDT May 20, 2003
The father and son duo Yuichiro and Gota; Maraguchi, and 8 Sherpas left Camp IV, 7900m, early this morning in 15 m/s wind and have arrived at Camp V, 8400m. The winds at the Balcony have died down to 10 m/s.

Five of the sherpas returned back down to Camp IV, and if the weather holds will head back up for the summit in just a few hours. The plan is for those sherpas leaving Camp IV to meet up with Team Miura at the Balcony late this afternoon, Eastern Standard Time (early morning of the 21st Nepali time) and go for the summit. Emili Miura reports in to ExplorersWeb that her father, brother, and Maraguchi are in good condition!

Image of Yuichiro and Gota Miura from the South Col, 7900m courtesy of our friends at Miura Dolphins Co., Ltd.

Expedition member Yuichiro Miura became famous 33 years ago as, “The man who skied down Everest.” Aided with a parachute, Yuichiro ripped down the Lhotse Face on skis – this time, the Everest pioneer is going for the summit along side his son, Gota, and will make history again. At the age of 70, if he summits, Yuichiro will be the oldest ever to climb Everest.

The team's website is one of the coolest this year, with position maps and biometric data on the climbers - very innovative.

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