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Team Everest 03 back in Kathmandu
12:35 p.m. EDT May 31, 2003
Team Everest 03 is back in Kathmandu. Expedition leader Gary Guller met up with Gary Scott, another climber on the team who was already there.

They planned to eat at the Rum Doodle, a place where climbers traditionally go after summiting Everest, "Gary particularly, since by tradition he gets to eat and drink for free."

The team appreciates the calls and emails of congratulations and condolences. Amidst all the celebrations, they are saddened about the loss of their friend, Karma Sherpa who died on Everest.

Gary Guller became the first man to summit Everest with only one arm this past spring. One of the expedition's aims was to change the way people with disabilities are perceived.

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