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Summit push update
13:28 p.m. EDT May 28, 2003
Several teams are hanging in there, and as the Russians just proved with their two recent summits, good things do come to those who wait. There is still one climber from the Russian team who had moved up to Camp II, 7800m, the day before yesterday. He could possibly be going for the summit as soon as today.

On the South Side two teams are up at the South Col, 7900m, and have high winds. IMG will most likely wait another 24 hours, as will Alpine Ascents. The AA team says they have plenty of food/fuel, and can go on half oxygen rations if necessary. There is still a chance, however, that these teams may go tonight if the winds die down enough

Climbers on the Northern Irish North Side Everest team have arrived at Camp I, the North Col, 7000m. They will ascend to Camp II, tomorrow and are shooting for a weekend summit attempt.

The OLN team, which has a new leader and is now down to only two of the five original contestants, plan to go for the summit this weekend. The question is with the teamís attrition will they still be able to do their intended live broadcast now that one of their cameramen has become the de facto leader?

Also on the North Side are two climbers from the Himex team who still might go for the summit.

The ExplorersWeb forecasts indicated that the winds are expected to subdue today and into the weekend.

ExplorersWeb image of the view from Camp IV, 7900m, up towards the South Summit.


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