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Himalayan summit attempt updates
14:53 p.m. EDT May 11, 2003

On Everestís South side the Jagged Globe, South African Discovery team, Charlie Wittmack, and the French 50 team have all report aborted summit attempts because of weather conditions. The S. Africans wrote that the Indian Army team has headed down as well. In a dispatch from yesterday, team Miura planned on starting their summit attempt today by climbing to Camp I, 6400m.

On the North side, the Chinese team is advancing to base camp and looking to make the summit in 6 to 7 days. The Russian Adventure team last reported they had planned to head up before the weekend to start their summit bid, however, there has been no word from them since.


Carlos Pauner and his Kangchenjunga team were poised high on the mountain for a summit push, but turned around due to the weather.


Climbers on the mBank Polish Manaslu team left yesterday for their summit push on Manaslu.


A report has come in that on May 10th a Japanese team summited Lhotse.


Carlos Pauner Kangchenjunga
Polish Manaslu (in Polish)
Chinese Sohu team (in Chinese)
Adventures International
Adventure Institute
French 50
Adventure Institute
Miura Everest 2003 (in Japanese)

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