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Strong winds but continued progress on Shish
13:20 p.m. EST Jan 4, 2004
Simone left for Camp I yesterday and planned to continue working on the route. Three other climbers on the team, the 2 Canadians and a Pole were already up there.

It has been very windy, “Here is 19:09 (Dec 31st) and there is a strong wind that is trying to destroy our dining tend and blowing out everything. I’m writing at the computer but I’m ready to run out from here in case the wind will win his challenge...”

They expect the route to be less steep higher on up. Rope was carried up to 6700m, so Simone and the crew can continue to work on the route.

A challenge they have ahead of them is setting up high camp, “I phoned to the first climbers of the route (Figueras ’95) and he told me that there is no place for high camp on the face and we will have to work hard to get a platform. The face is completely a green and hard ice.........I wish to all of you a nice 2004 with health and smile....”

The expedition will climb Shisha Pangma’s South Face without the use of Sherpa support or supplementary oxygen. Originally, Krzysztof Wielicki was planning to be a part of the expedition, but bowed out recently due to family matters.

On the expedition is Italian climber Simone Moro, Pierre Bergeron and Yvon Latreille, both from Quebec, Canada, and Polish climbers Piotr Morawski, Jacek Jawien and Darek Zaluski are also on the expedition. Jas Szulc (POL) will accompany the team the base camp manager.

Image of the teams progress courtesy of SimoneMoro.com.

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