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Speedy Denali ascents
09:05 a.m. EDT Jun 23, 2003
The Langlois brothers arrived at Denali on June 17th, just days after summiting Canada’s highest mountain, Logan, 5959m. And on Saturday, June 21st, they summited Denali! In just 4 days or so they covered almost 3000m of vertical.

Their summit day was windy and cold, and it seemed for a short while that Yves might turn around just 300m from the summit. Instead he took a moment, did some breathing exercises and along with his brother, Francois, made a final push and completed their quest for US and Canada’s highest peaks.

Also this weekend, we have received early reports that Chad Kellogg has broken the Denali speed record for the West Buttress route on June 17th, with a time of 14 hrs and 22 min. The previous record was 18.5 hrs. Chad’s round trip time was 23 hrs and 55 min. ExplorersWeb has been notified that the National Park Service has records of the climb, times, and there are witnesses.

Image of Francois and Yves Langlois on the summit of Denali courtesy of LoganDenali.com

Francois has previously summited Everest and this year, along with his brother, Yves, accomplished a North American double-header, Canada’s highest – Logan, 5959m; and the US/North America’s highest – Denali, 6194m. The team has been using the Contact 2.0 expedition system to do live dispatches from their back-to-back climbs.

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