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Solo North Pole - So close, but will he make it?
16:23 p.m. EDT May 7, 2003
Pen Hadow has spent the past three days in his tent. He is skiing solo and unsupported from Canada to the North Pole and nearing the end of his journey. This past week Pen had a set back when he lost a ski to the Arctic Ocean, so he's been traveling by foot.

He is close, but if he wants to make it to the Pole in time he will have to start moving again soon. The longer Pen waits, the less precious fuel he will have for the journey, and the more unstable the ice becomes. In addition, the drift of the ice is pushing him away from the pole.

British polar explorer Pen Hadow started out from Ward Hunt Island on March 17 and has been doing very well this far. Pen has led several expeditions in the polar region over the past few years. This time he is really pushing the limits by trying to make the full journey to the Pole, solo and unsupported.

In April 1994 Norwegian Borge Ousland became the first ever to complete a solo and unsupported North Pole expedition starting from the Russian side. Pen Hadow now has a good chance to be the first making it from Canada.

Borge is currently at the other end of the world on Mount Everest climbing with the Jagged Globe team. They will be going for the summit very shortly.

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