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Snowstorm above the North Col, 7000m
10:40 a.m. EDT Apr 28, 2003
Alexander Abramov from the Russian Adventure team just reported in from Camp I, 7000m about their climbers up at Camp II, 7500m (They've been communicating via radio) - The team is some of the first to set Camp II. "The weather at 7500m is crap. We can't even peep out of the tent." Down the mountain at Camp I there are negotiations with the Sherpas to fix Camp III, but they are refusing to go up because of the the bad weather. The word from Camp II, "Then we are going down too."

Expedition leader Alexander Abramov reports from Camp I, 7000m, North Col: April 28. 8:00 a.m.

Radio conversation North Col (7000) -Camp II(7500). Abramov - Gudzhabidze:

"Abramov: "Good morning. How's the team? What are your plans?"

Gudzhabidze: "The weather at 7500 is crap. We can't even peep out of the tent."

Abramov: "Next connection is at 9:00 a.m."

Meanwhile negotiations with altitude sherpas are going in full swing. They are saying that all sherpas are heading down, the forecast for the three nearest days is bad. It's snowing heavily, the wind is raging.

9:00 a.m. Radio conversation North Col (7000) - Camp II(7500). Abramov - Gudzhabidze.

Abramov: "The weather is bad. All sherpas are going down. They refuse point black to go and set Camp III"

Gudzhabidze: "Then we are going down too."
There is a snowstorm above the Col. Several climbers made an attempt to get to 7500m. We have no further information about them.

So, "Alpindustria Adventure Team" is among the first expeditions to have set Camp II at 7500m. That is a good result.

Soifer, Moskalev and Litinskiy will spend this night on the Col. By 12:00 they were already in Camp I. Everyone is OK"

Translated and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru

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