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Sherpani girl youngest ever on Everest summit
04:50 a.m. EDT May 24, 2003
Thursday night Lhakpa Sherpa, 30, became the first woman in the world to scale Everest three times, consecutively! Not only that, her younger sister Ming Kipa Sherpa, 15, came with her and became the youngest ever to summit Everest!

The two sisters where accompanied by their brother Mingma Gyalu, 24.

Earlier record was held by Temba Tshiri, 16 years and 17 days, who became the youngest person to scale Everest May 23, 2001. The previously youngest woman on Everest was Dicky Dolma, India, who scaled Everest at age 19, May 10, 1993.

Image: 3 time summiteer Lhakpa Sherpa. Courtesy of Ghorka Trek, Jonathan Alexander

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