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Sensei Miura speaks after becoming the oldest to summit Everest
12:28 p.m. EDT May 22, 2003
Emili Miura reports that her father, brother, and the team is safely back in Camp IV! Nepal’s Ministry confirmed earlier that Team Miura summited at 1030 hrs local time today.

Here's what they had to say about their incredible acheivement:

Yuichiro Miura:
"Ever since I skied down the Everest 33 years ago, I promised to myself that I would one day stand at the summit of Mt. Everest. During these years, I have skied down the World's Seven Summits, and at the age of 70, I was finally able to stand on the summit of the world after training for 5 years, moreover was able to make the world record of being the oldest man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

I learned that humans can achieve any dream as long as they continue to challenge and not give up. This time challenge is also very special for me and am very happy, as I was able to climb with my second son Gota, Mr. Noriyuki Muraguchi the best climber and the best alpine photographer, and the best team of Sherpas."

Gota Miura
"Although I am outrageously exhausted, I've never felt so fabulous and wonderful in my life."

Yuichiro Miura's Everest summit is nothing less than spectacular. The father and son team spent 4 days in the Death zone, +8000m, two of those in the emergency Camp 5, 8400m. This kind of high exposure goes in the Everest book of records. Moreover, Yuichirio Miura is 70 years old today - only twelve years younger than Edmund Hillary who made the summit 50 years ago! Yuichiro Miura today became the oldest person to summit Mount Everest.

Earlier this season Team Miuras website was selected "Coolest Everest Website" by ExplorersWeb, due to innovative features like live biometrics of the team.

Yuichiro Miura became famous 33 years ago as, “The man who skied down Everest.” Aided with a parachute, Yuichiro ripped down the Lhotse Face on skis – this time, the Everest pioneer along side his son, Gota, became the eldest ever to summit Everest.

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