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Second wave of summits on Nanga Parbat and more to come!
09:12 a.m. EDT Jun 19, 2003
A second group from the joint Kazakh/International team summited Nanga Parbat yesterday, June 18th, at 1300 hrs (local time): Serguey Lavrov, Alexey Raspopov, Vassily Litvinov and Serguey Bogomolov. Damir Molgachev turned around, but is expected to try again today with some of the international climbers.

On June 17th, a first wave of climbers, Denis Urubko, Dima Chumakov, Maksut Zhumayev, and Vassilly Pivtsov summited at 0830 hrs (local time).

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Image of Maxut Zhumayev and Vassily Pivtsov on the summit of Nanga Parbat courtesy of our friends at RussianClimb.com.

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