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  Video of route, South Summit, 8750m (archive)
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  Video of route, the knife ridge between Everest South Summit and Hillary Step (archive)

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Second Everest summit push has started
15:05 p.m. EDT May 21, 2003
Adventure Consultants left the South Col, 7900m, less than three hours ago for the summit (Live pic of today's rest at C4 before leaving). Expedition leaders Scott Woolum’s from Adventures International, and Pat Falvey from Irish team called in to ExplorersWeb early morning today and said they intended to go for a summit push right now as well.

The Belgians, Charlie Wittmack, and a small crew of six climbers from the Indian/Nepal Army team are also expected for a summit push today.

Team Miura, who has been up at Camp V, 8400m, for almost two days now will also go for a summit push. Because of high winds, they stayed put last night in Camp V, which is situated just below the balcony.

Yesterday almost 100 climbers left to go for the summit, including a team of sherpas who were supposed to fix ropes to the summit. They all were unable to make it past the Balcony, 8400m, because of high winds. All came back down, many of them headed further descending to Camp III and Camp II the same night, and gave up their summit bid.

The current weather reports show continuing unstable conditions over Everest.

On the North Side, the Chinese Sohu Group B have already left for their summit attempt. China’s Xinhua state news agency reported in a phone call with ExplorersWeb that a Russian, Swiss, and Romanian team would also be leaving today for their summit pushes.

If the weather holds, and the ropes are fixed on the South Side route, some climbers could be expected to summit in less than 10 hours from now.

Image of Adventure Consultants resting in Camp IV today just before summit push


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