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Sean Burch Everest summit confirmed by wife
14:54 p.m. EDT May 23, 2003
An email just reached us from Cathy B McDonald of Greenbriar West Elementary School in Fairfax VA:

“We have been following Sean's Summit Attempt closely. We have a vested interest - his wife Gabrielle teaches 1st and 2nd Grade here. We spoke with Gabrielle Burch by Satellite phone at 10:15 AM Eastern Time Sean Reached the Summit on evening of May 22 . Sherpa Radio Based Camp but then we didn't hear more because phone battery was dead.

- She said he had made it safely to Camp II and on his way to Base Camp”

Thank you, West Elementary School, Fairfax VA! Sean Burch attempted to go without oxygen, we don't know yet if he used oxygen or not.

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