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Scott Woolums Everest post-summit report
06:29 a.m. EDT May 24, 2003
Scott Woolums of Adventure International just posted an extensive post-summit account. Scott has been the pocket pc multi-media mogul of Everest this year, shooting live pics and videos from high camps. He decided to stay put at the South Col when everyone else went for it. All had to turn in fierce winds whilst Scott and his team summited the next day.

Read Scott's dispatch on his site: "...Our super cool Sony Micro MV cam we had been using decided to go for the Lhotse Face Tobagan run, reaching terminal velocity and grabbing some rather spectacularly huge air as it bounced and shattered and slowly disintegrated over 5000 ft. down below!... A spectacular moonrise next to Makalu, then the sun came up when we were near the base of the South Summit. Absolutely amazing sunrise over Tibet, with Makalu and Lhotse visible. Up to this point it had been completely calm and virtually clear. Over the next couple hours that was about to change..."

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