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Sap phone call from Everest North side - Camp 2 set!
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Apr 19, 2005 11: 28 EST
ExplorersWeb just received a sat phone call from Everest North side. The latest news are that rope has been fixed to 7700 meters, and the rope team is setting up camp 2.

Many teams, including the Indian Air Force, Jean Pavillard/Monica Kalozdi have reached Advanced Base Camp. Climbers expect the weather to be good for the next 3 days, and hope to reach the second step before the weekend.

Everest North ahead of schedule

Whilst the South side of Everest has encountered problems with an unstable icefall and sheer ice on the upper sections of the mountain (Check today's daily wrap-up), it seems that the North side is the place to be right now.

The fixed rope contract appears to have been a good call: Led by Russell Brice (NZ), guides Duncan Chessell (AUS), Bill Crouse (USA), Dean Staples (NZ), Mark Woodroofe (NZ) and David McKinley (NZ) with 12 Tibetan and 20 Nepalese Sherpas, the rope team is ahead of schedule. Last year on April 18, ropes on the North Col were set to Camp I, 7000m.

Image of Everest live over Contact 3.0, courtesy of Jean Pavilliard
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