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Russians towards Everest summit, possible weather window next week
20:55 p.m. EDT May 22, 2003
Whilst the Global Extremes team have postponed 24 hours, The Russian team led by Alexander Abramov is pushing just now towards the summit. We have really gotten to know this team from their upfront dispatches. They reported on everything - the expedition leader meetings, the sherpa trouble, the hunter turned climber, and the goat barbecue. The team really deserves their summit. OLN's broadcast from earlier today, however, showed snowy and windy conditions on the North Side.

Weather reports just arrived stating, "A vast diminishment in overall wind speeds is now expected to ensue beginning next Thursday, May 29, with favorable conditions forecast to last to the end of the month and beyond." The window! If correct, this could be a new hope for the expeditions still sticking around. (Hillary summited May 29)

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