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Russians still in it for Everest summit
13:01 p.m. EDT May 23, 2003
May 23, mail from Dmitry Pryutts:
Tom Masterson and Vladimir Gaidamak will stay at 8300 (camp 3) due to high winds. Perhaps they will try tomorrow! Siberian climbers are descending to ABC because of frostbite (1st and 2nd degree). Anatoly is trying to make a decision about weather. Oleg may try to go for a summit attempt, it all depends, again, on the weather. We just checked the weather forecast, and it appears that the wind will remain until next week. ABC will be evacuated on the 25th.
Jon Miller (hello Marina!) and Doctor Dmitry

Expedition member Nikolay Totmyanin stood on the top of Everest last night without oxygen waiting for Vladimir and Andrej (no o2). They didnít show and this is the latest report on them.

Image of Nikolay Totmyanin courtesy of St. Petersburg Everest 2003 Jubilee Expedition

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