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Russians at 8300m on Everest waiting for weather
13:15 p.m. EDT May 27, 2003
On the 25th several climbers from the Russian Adventure team ascended to 8300m on the North Side of Everest for their summit attempt. Their teammates in base camp got word from an Italian late last night that the Russian climbers were still at 8300m waiting for good weather. Another climber on the team, Larin, has now ascended to 7700m and is spending the night there in another Russian teams tent. These guys are not going to give up! Down in base camp the winds are still blowing strong, but ExplorersWeb forecasts indicate that they should subside later this week.

Alexander Abramov reports:

"26 May. North, squally wind ruins all our hopes to subdue Everest. We are waiting for the news from the camp at 8300m. The tents are jumping in the ABC and we are afraid the tents can be blown away. At 12 o'clock was the connection with Sergeev. He reported the wind at 7700m was very cold and strong. It was impossible to climb up so he made the decision to descend. Sergey Larin was ascending from the North Col to the camp at 7500m. Sergeev met Larin and gave him portable radio transmitter because Larin had lost his. At 18.00 Larin was at 7700m and decided to spend the night there in the tent of Saint Petersburg expedition. The expedition of Saint Petersburg had left Everest already. At 22.00 the leader of Italian expedition visited Larin and informed he had seen the Russian climbers at 8300 and they were waiting for the good weather. We have been informed that Lakpa Gelu Sherpa held the new record yesterday. It had taken him only ten hours and forty minutes on the southward to get from the BC (5300m) to the summit.
It is the end of the message, Bye"

Dispatch translated and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru

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