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Russian's Sherpas strike
15:14 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
The Russian Adventure team continues to have problems with their Sherpas. Just recently expedition leader Alexander Abramov fired several of them for not fulfilling their contract in terms of how much weight they were to carry. The Sherpas also did not climb up higher when the team requested them to.

Now the remaining Sherpas went on strike. The Russians have lost some more time and Alexander was not able to climb up to 7900m for acclimatization. Instead he had to descend to base camp to resolve the situation.

Alexander Abramov reports:

"May, 1 - The situation is difficult. The Sherpas went down. Our activity is stopped. I communicated with the cook Passanga. He said that the problem was evidently the Sherpas wanted to raise their bonuses. I knew from other expeditions that our bonuses were quite normal and some expeditions paid less than we did.

I decided not to climb 7900m for acclimatization. We moved down to the BC where our Sherpas were. Pashkov, Larin, Kaimanchikov, Gudjabidze helped to organize the negotiations. At first they were offended and asserted that they were not the yaks and the reason for their strike was not bonuses, after that they blamed the leader. There were moments when we wanted to dismiss all of them but we had to continue the expedition. Some days were lost because of their strike. Bye."

This expedition is part of a new project called the, "Russian Adventure Team." Their goal is to climb the seven summits of the seven continents - The first peak climbed was Mt. Elbrus this past January 8th and then Kilimanjaro. After Everest, they will head to Carstensz Pyramid.

Image courtesy of Mountain.ru

Alexander's dispatch translated and forwarded by our friends as Mountain.ru

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